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    Our Story

    After working in the long term care market for many years, the leadership team at integrateMD recognized and understood the growing need for greater physician access. Most patients today are dealing with more complex health issues and because of this, the need for full time access to a physician is becoming a necessity. In order to address this need, many nursing homes have begun to provide Physicians or Nurse Practitioners five days a week. Even with that, only 25% of the patient's total stay in the center is being covered, leaving the other 75% covered only by the centers general nursing staff.

    It was this need for greater Physician access that lead to the vision and ultimate solution developed by integrateMD. Our goal was to develop the first enterprise class telemedicine application that allowed both physicians and hospitals to have remote, visual access to their patients in nursing homes 7X24.

    Today, with the collaboration of our LTC partners, and the hard work of the integrateMD technical team, we have delivered on our vision. And, collectively through our technology, we are bringing nursing homes, physicians, and hospitals together to ultimately improve patient care.


    Our Vision

    The vision of integrateMD is to improve patient care and deliver caregiver benefit, by providing an enterprise class, secure, web-based telemedicine solution that allows any physician to have remote, 7x24, visual access to patients in long term care facilities throughout the United States.


    Our Solution

    The integrateMD solution is a sophisticated software system that allows long term care centers to conveniently and flexibly facilitate a virtual consultation between a physician or medical provider and his/her patients.

    The medical consultation is facilitated using the latest technology, including audio and video from a rolling telemedicine station in the long term care center. Physicians can access the system from a mobile workstation provided by iMD or their own computing devices, including traditional computers or the latest in wireless phone and tablet devices. The nursing staff at the Long Term Care facility simply requests a medical consultation from a partnering medical professional at a local practice or community hospital and the iMD experience begins.


    Hardware/ Software

    One of our goals at integrateMD is to provide a turnkey solution for our partners. When you become an integrateMD member, all the hardware and software required to facilitate a telemedicine visit is provided, from the mobile telemedicine station used in the long term care center to the mobile tablet device carried by the physician and community hospital.



    iMD makes installation of your new telemedicine station quick and easy! An iMD specialist sets up the equipment and runs a series of tests to make sure the machine and all of its components are completely ready to use.



    Once ready, iMD's specialist shows the nursing home or hospital staff how to charge and operate the equipment as well as how to connect with the doctor. If further training is needed, the iMD specialist is always on call to support your needs.


    Nursing Home

    Nursing Homes and their owners are challenged to keep up with the healthcare demands of the patients they serve. Most of these patients have multiple chronic conditions, have additional acute needs and require 7x24 monitoring. As these healthcare requirements rise, so does the cost associated with providing this level of care. This creates somewhat of a challenge since the NH reimbursement comes from a daily stipend and adding additional medical professionals would greatly impact yearly budget. NH's are also challenged with treating the patient on site, rather than sending them to the community hospital, where the nursing home could be responsible for the associated expenses. With the integrateMD mobile telemedicine solutions, nursing homes and other LTC facilities can get the medical support they need on a moment's notice.

      By partnering with iMD, nursing home centers can benefit in all the following areas:
    • Better patient care.
    • Helps the Nursing Center save money by treating the patient in the facility.
    • Can reduce avoidable hospitalizations by up to 90%.
    • Creates a better working relationship with community hospitals.
    • Enables Nursing Center to care for more complex patients.
    • Nursing Centers in rural markets will be reimbursed by Medicare for the telemedicine visit.


    Doctor / Medical Provider

    Most of the physicians who have long term care practices also have clinics where they see patients as well, which limits there access and availability to their patients in the NH. By utilizing IntegrateMD, the physician would have 7x24 access to their patients and allow them to bill for their services under a telemedicine modifier. In other words, the number of visits for the physician would increase because of the real-time access to their patient.

    In order to provide this solution, integrateMD has developed a secure medical portal that allows physicians who are not on site to visually examine a patient using the integrateMD telemedicine application and communicate their findings to an onsite nursing team member.

    • Have visual access to its patient 7x24.
    • Can now bill for a remote office visit.
    • Can allow a Partner or Mid-Level Provider to also see patient.


    Community Hospitals

    There is also a need for the local community hospital to better manage the transition of care for a patient being discharged to a LTC facility. By allowing the hospital physician to remotely view and monitor the care of a newly discharged patient, they would have the opportunity to improve outcomes for most patients. This also allows the community hospital to better control the flow of patients once they leave the hospital.

    • Can visually follow patient to the Nursing Canter to ensure proper transition of care.
    • Allows a hospital physician to provide a consultation visit before accepting the patient into the ER.
    • Allows the hospital to bill for a telemedicine visit.
    • Creates a better working relationship with the Nursing Center.
    • Helps the Hospital maintain an ongoing relationship with the patient and families.



    For nursing home patient and their families, one of the areas that cause concern is the lack of physician access once the patient is transitioned into the nursing home. This lack of coverage is primarily a logistical issue because most geriatric physicians also have medical practices that require time as well, which limits their ability to be available on a moment's notice. With the integrateMD telemedicine application, physicians can now provide a medical consultation at any time.

    • Can be seen by a physician as needed.
    • Reducing need to go to the ER.
    • Comfort knowing that their loved one can be seen at any time.


    About Member Support Services

    Once the solution is implemented, the iMD Product Support Team(PST) enables iMD members to be successful from the very first telemedicine visit performed. An essential component of the company's client satisfaction, PST members provide support and resolution for all iMD products, through the various stages of the solution lifecycle: activation, upgrades and post-activation.